Friday, April 30, 2010

#18: Going West!

So today it is time for one of my most favorite places in all of Asheville. Yes, #18 steals my heart with each cup of fresh brewed coffee and delicious pinch of cinnamon roll...sigh...

#18: West End Bakery

Nestled in the West of area that we dare not go if we are in the mood for the one of my favorite AVL jewels: West End Bakery! I stumbled upon West End Bakery when I started volunteering at Asheville Pregnancy Support Services. I needed a good cup of coffee to start my day off with and a little space to spend some time in the Word before I headed into the battle zone that is a crisis pregnancy center. West End Bakery fit the bill perfectly.

A few things to know if you ever go to West End:
1) Everything is good
2) Bring friends if you order a cinnamon roll because attempting to eat one on your own may put you in diabetic shock.
3) People at West End may look, talk, act "different", focus on the coffee and cinnamon rolls if you start feeling out of always works for me...

West End Bakery combines some of my favorite things: locally grown food, local art, fresh bread, eclectic community, tailgate markets (every Wednesday @ West End) and good coffee. If anyone is looking for a going away present for me (Jessica that is) a shirt from West End Bakery will make my heart soar (medium, green, thanks!). Hmmmmm, maybe I'll sneak over there for breakfast tomorrow? Any takers?

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