Friday, April 9, 2010


#21: 88.7 WNCW

So #21 is actually not a physical location although arguably Studio B on the campus of Isothermal Community College (where 88.7 is broadcast out of) is an actual location. If you live in Western NC and have any interest in music that doesn't make the Top 40 then WNCW is the remedy. Kyle calls me a music snob, which is true, but he also really likes WNCW so he has no room to talk. You can hear bluegrass back to back with Afro-Caribbean much good local/indie music so little time. I call it adventure radio. Plus it is one of our local NPR stations which plays World Cafe as well as other NPR favorites. Enough talk about WNCW, listen for yourself here

You can also pick up WNCW in:
Charlotte @ 100.3
Greenville @ 97.3
Boone @ 92.9
Wilkesboro @ 90.9

Happy Listening Folks,
Jessica (and Kyle)

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