Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Ever notice how our "Wordless Wednesdays" are rarely wordless? I found this picture on the website for the Australian Redcross. The picture is a bit misleading because I don't think we will be drinking much Coca Cola. Nonetheless, I thought it was a good picture of what Liberian faire is like. A lot of rice...oil...rice and oil...Here is a bit of writing from one of the Australian Red Cross workers on the "joys" of Liberian food.
"On the first of three day-long planning meetings I manage to bring a healthy lunch but then give in to the joys of Liberian food; spicy, salty and oily bush-meat stews on rice. Day two has a base of potato greens, the shredded and boiled leaves of the sweet potato plant, and day three is palm butter, like peanut butter but extracted from local palm nuts that grow in the tall trees." - Jess Letch, Australian Red Cross worker
All that to say PRAY FOR OUR STOMACHS!

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