Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paris and London Bound!

Hi folks,

Again, sorry for the lack of posts. I know you understand. Sometimes it just be that way. I promise that over the next couple of weeks we will inundate you with posts full of beautiful Parisian streets and English beefeaters desperately trying not to laugh at two people who have clearly been in Liberia for too long.

We leave out tomorrow (Sunday) for Monrovia and will be headed for Paris on Wednesday! We are so ready for this break! God has blessed us tremendously to be able to go on this trip and we look forward to a restful and really super duper fun time.

Much love to all,


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Hi Friends and Family,

Our apologies to all our faithful readers. It wasn’t our intention to leave ya hangin’ but sometimes blogging isn’t a priority! Not that ya’ll aren’t a priority, it’s just…well, you know what I mean!

Quick shout out to our dear friends the Davis’s. Spencer and Amy welcomed the newest addition to their family on Monday! Jedidiah (Jed) Spencer Davis made his entrance with a full head of black hair and at a walloping 10lbs. 1 oz.! We’re so happy for our sweet friends!

Back to Liberia…

We’re in Monrovia this week for a couple of meetings. Kyle got to sit with the big wigs in Water and Sanitation at a Monrovia level meeting. Now all ya’ll know that Kyle is the kind of guy that likes to get his hands dirty doing real work. The folks he was meeting with are the type that like to talk about doing real work. Needless to say, Kyle doesn’t quite fit in this scene. So back to Nimba we will go on Saturday so that the real work can continue.

We are under the two week mark until we leave on our trip to France! WAHOO! Pray for our sanity and focus over the course of the next two weeks! It’s like a kid waiting Christmas!

Thanks for the support and prayers. The next few months are looking as if they are going to be super interesting and exciting and more than ever I think we will need your prayers. Keep em’ coming!

Weekly Prayers Needs:

Pray for our health and endurance.

Pray for our work to be a conduit of the Gospel to hungry hearts (both to those we are working with and for!)

Pray for our safety as we travel to and from Monrovia and Europe. (Jessica doesn’t like to fly- ‘member?)

Pray for us as God grows and stretches our marriage.


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