Monday, September 16, 2013

East Africa Here He Comes!

Hi friends and family,

Well, after all of the on again off again Kyle finally has a ticket and itinerary for his November trip to Kenya! Everyone say "YAY!" and then immediately begin to pray for his safety and ministry while he will be in country.

Many of you may be wondering what Millie and I will be up to during Kyle's three week absence. Well, for the first part we will be around home sticking to normal stuff and trying to get a jump on the holiday madness. Then we'll make our rounds for some visits to family and friends.

Kyle arrives back just before Thanksgiving so we've arranged for him to fly back into a city near our family so that we can stay and celebrate the holiday together.

The time between now and when he heads to Kenya is going to be crazy with a side of crazy. Fall water technologies courses start in less than two weeks and then we have a few random events and things on the agenda for the latter part of October- including our 8th anniversary! Woah!

Then to Kenya Kyle goes- I have to try and keep my jealousy down. Although I am not currently jealous of the immunizations and oral typhoid vaccine that he is taking.

Thanks for the way you love our family and how you invest in us. Keep the love and prayers coming!

Weekly Prayer Need:
  • Pray for us as we prepare for a very busy season. 
  • Pray for additional supporters to join our team. 
  • Pray for Kyle as he works out the details of his trip.
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