Thursday, January 30, 2014

Back from Colombia!

Kyle had an amazing trip to Colombia and returned home to the NC mountains just in time for our Snowpacolypse aka our 1" of snow. It's summer in South America of course so he was not ready for what has become our norm this winter- POLAR VORTEX!

It was his first experience in Latin America and I think that it was a good one. One that I know he wants to share more about. I told him that I think it is pretty amazing that he has now been on 5 of 7 continents.

He took some amazing pictures that I hope to nab from him soon and when I do I will share them here. There sounds like there is great potential for some exciting work in Colombia. Please be in prayer for us as we work with our Equip missionaries and the nationals working in Colombia.

Thanks for your incredible support while Kyle was away. Millie and I survived and dare I say even thrived a bit! We made some new friends and I was able to get caught up after being sick earlier in the month.

Ok, I'll update with Kyle's pictures soon so that you can experience sunshine and warm temps vicariously through them. For now, stay warm like our local Russian immigrants are doing.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Welcome to 2014!

Hi folks!

Well, it is a little belated, but welcome to 2014! We've stumbled our way into the new year, but we're here and happy to be!

The holidays were a fun and busy time. We were able to enjoy precious family time as we journeyed across the old North State and then the day after Christmas we made our way to Kentucky for Cross Con, a first time mission's conference directed at mobilizing college and seminary students to the work of the Gospel to unreached people group's around the world. 

Our time at the conference was motivating and exhausting! We talked with hundreds of college students and have already had some great response and interest in our training courses as a result.  It was truly inspiring to see a new generation catch a fresh vision for reaching the world.

Since the conference we (Millie and Jessica) have battled sickness. Bleh, winter is yucky. We managed to squeeze in a fun day of celebration on January 9th, otherwise known as Millie's Birthday! Yes, our wild girl turned 2! 2!!!! She continues to be a ball of joy and we love watching her curiosity and personality as she grows. God is so good to us and we're thankful we get to be her parents.

You'll remember that Kyle took a trip to Kenya back in November. God truly worked in that trip and we apologize for our lack of posts and updates on his journey. He had success in the work and even better he was able to share the hope of Christ in word and deed with the community he traveled too. Please join us in thanks and prayers for future ministry in that area of Kenya.

This really is a season of travel for us. This Friday Kyle begins a 10 day journey to Colombia. He'll be traveling along with some Equip missionaries to help them see if they can use water as a means of ministering to and reaching an indigenous Indian population. Exciting stuff!

Thanks for reading and joining this journey with us. You bless us beyond measure! Praying that 2014 is full of adventure and the unexpected blessing of watching God work all things for our good and His purposes.

Much Love,
Kyle, Jess, and Millie
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