The Mission

Our life's mission is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever. We want to do that as a family and that is also why we can always confidently go in the direction that God is leading us. We are embarking on a new adventure and will be serving with Equip International  (EQUIP) in Marion, NC.

Our mission has 3 main components:

Equip: Equip International is a missionary sending board and a missionary training organization and facility. As part of the ministry we will be training missionaries to go all around the world with tools that will help provide mercy and enable the Gospel to be heard both through word and deed. We will also be free to go to the field for short periods of time (typically one month or less) to provide technical assistance to long-term missionaries on the field.

Mobilize: We have a heart to mobilize regular people within the church to see their gifts as tools that can be used to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Whether you are a mechanic, teacher, engineer or nurse we want to motivate you to use your God given skills for the sake of Christ.

Promote:  There is a new generation of missionaries heading to the field. Equip International provides excellent tools and resources for new missionaries. We desire to spread the word about Equip's extraordinary courses, staff and facility.
Our "base" will be in the rolling hills of Marion, NC where Equip International is located. We are currently in the support raising stage and hope to be able to be in Marion, NC for the Spring 2013 training courses.  Follow the journey on this blog as we learn how to find joy in God's work wherever it leads.
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