Thursday, June 27, 2013

Trip to the Queen City

We are unpacking our bags from yet another journey. We spent the better part of this week hanging around Charlotte, NC. We were able to stay with family so Millie got to enjoy some good hang time with her Hoover cousins.  {watermelon eating, splash park, playground sliding, Chick-fila, she was a happy girl!)

We spent a year and half prior to our move to Marion living in the Charlotte area so we are familiar with the lay of the land. We have to say that we don't miss it at all, ok with the exception of our church there, we don't miss it at all. We really and truly miss the amazing community that they are and loved seeing some of our Exodus family and updating them on what we are doing.

It was an encouragement to share in the hearing of the Word on Sunday and share meals (full of good conversation and lots of laughter) throughout the week with friends. It truly reminded us that Christ is our bond though miles may separate us. Kyle was even able to share the vision of Equip with another Charlotte area church and hopefully connect them with one of our Equip missionaries for help with future overseas ministry!

This week we'll be doing a bit more planning for the remaining weeks of summer and hope to enjoy a bit of family time around the 4th before we head out on another journey.

A lot of folks have asked about how Millie does traveling. She is a rockstar 90% of the time, but we all have our limits, right? We still have quite a bit of travel a head of us so if you could keep her in your prayers that would be amazing. She is a wiggle worm so prolonged sitting while awake is borderline torture for her.

Other prayer needs:
  • Continue to pray for folks to partner with us financially. We believe God has called us to this approach to providing for the ministry we are a part of and so we are trusting that He is on the other side faithful to provide. 
  • Pray that Kyle and I will communicate well and love each other well through this season of our family and ministry. 
  • Pray for Equip as an organization as we face a time of (good) transition. Pray that vision would be cast and that those working with us would be refreshed and inspired for the work ahead. 
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Early Summer Update

Hello to everyone,

It has been awhile. A whirlwind of awhile and much has happened.

Let me back up a bit. In April we were blessed to make the move to Marion, NC. The day after we moved Kyle began teaching water technologies courses for the Equip Spring semester. That meant 3 weeks of non-stop classes. It was exhausting for us all, but hey, that is why we are here!

After the classes ended in early May we were able to settle into our new home a bit more, but only a bit more because since the beginning of May we have burned up the highways traveling and reconnecting with friends far and wide.  We hope that many of them will grow into a community of supporters for our family and ministry. That really is what this summer is all about.

We've been all around Western NC, all throughout Georgia and around the Triad (Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem area) for support trips thus far. It has been fruitful to reconnect with old friends and share with close friends and family the details of what we are doing both here in Marion and around the world.

We will be heading out on a few more trips to other parts of North Carolina this month and up into Pennsylvania and Ohio in July. We would love to see many of you along the way!

Kyle was originally planning to go to Kenya in July but that trip has been postponed until November to accommodate the schedule of a Kenyan pastor who will be accompanying him. That will allow us to solely focus on support raising this summer which is a blessing.

In the fall Kyle will be teaching more training courses and will be working full time with Equip.

That is a quick update for curious folks!

I will be blogging once a week from here on out and always feel free to contact us at internationalhoovers(at)gmail(dot)com

Weekly Prayer Needs:
  • Pray for encouragement as we support raise.
  • Pray that we would be constant in prayer and steadfast in our faith that God will provide.
  • Pray for wisdom as we get involved in our local community. 
  • Pray for protection as we travel.
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