Monday, August 27, 2012

We're Back

I know you've missed us.
Don't lie.

We're back and we have so much to share. I hope that our silence hasn't made you forget us! We hope that you'll join the journey that we are on. So much has happened since we last spoke...

Like this:

Yep, that is nearly 8 months of cuteness right there. She doesn't sleep much, but we like her anyway.

We are eager to share with you what God is doing, but for now feel free to read a bit about it on The Mission page.

We promise to update regularly (at lease 1 x per week) and add lots of super cute pictures of the kid. I mean an annoying amount of cute pictures- because we know that is really why you are visiting the blog.

Really, truly we're glad to be back and to share with you the crazy leaps of faith that God is entrusting us with...Thanks for being interested enough to stick with us. We hope you're blessed.
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