Friday, August 26, 2011

Life Right Where We Are

Welp, I thought a little update would help break our blogging silence.

Here are the highlights:

-We are just finishing up a a three week long road trip. Whew, we loved every minute of it, but we're worn out.

-Mama and baby are doing well at 23 weeks! Baby girl whomps around most of the night and day!

-Kyle landed a new job with an engineering firm in the Charlotte area.

The devil is in the details so stop here if you were just interested in the highlights!

We've ended our road trip and are turning our hearts and efforts towards the next stage in this journey. God has really blessed us since we've been back Stateside. We've truly had a great transition full of fun and rest. We are confident that God has supplied a job for Kyle in the next season of life for us. What a blessing in the midst of our terrible economy. It's truly humbling to see God supply our every need.

Some of you, I'm sure, are wondering what our plans are long term. Quite frankly we are wondering that ourselves. Short term we will be moving to Charlotte, Kyle will start his job, and we will welcome our baby girl into the world around Christmas Eve. Kyle is working towards his licensing as an Engineer and I will be staying at home with baby girl and using my doula skills as God leads me in the community. As our friend Blama in Liberia would say "This is no small ting (thing)" and we long for your prayers.

Our vision long term is to work with EQUIP International here Stateside supporting missionaries overseas and training missionaries preparing for the field here in the Sates, but that is a long term vision and we are anxious to see how God will work that out as it would be a self supported position. Pray that we would be intentional in preparing for whatever lies ahead for us with EQUIP's ministry in the coming years.

This blog is still going to stay active. Maybe even more active than while we were in Liberia. I plan to update the blog with a new (and better than the current) look. We want to share our lives with you. I don't mean just pictures of our daughter, although brace yourself for those, I mean stories, thoughts, and snapshots from our daily life. If there is one thing that we have learned from our time in Liberia it is that God calls us to live a life full of the Gospel right where we are, whether that is in Liberia or Charlotte or anywhere else in between. We hope that through our triumphs and failure of daily life you will be encouraged to step out in faith to serve a God who cannot fail.

We've been so richly blessed by those of you who read this blog. Please continue to read and be blessed.

Peace Folks,
Kyle and Jessica

Monday, August 1, 2011

Life As We Know It

Kyle is home.
Baby and mama are healthy.
God is good.

Here's some photos that prove that!

18 weeks!

19 weeks! (almost half way!)

It's a girl! Good thing because we bought her a 100 year old tea set in France...or rather her Daddy did! However, her name will be kept a super top secret secret! SO DON'T ASK! Just kiddin' you can ask, but we ain't tellin'.

Baby girl waving! Look at that hand!

Looks like she sleeps like her mama- curled in ball with her hands up near her face. Oh and guess what? Her mouth was moving the whole time- wonder who she gets that from? No, for real- I can't handle that little hand on her chest...I know she looks like an alien skeleton baby, but come on she's already a cutie.

In other non-baby related news: We were able to snaggle a new car and we love it! By new I mean "new to us", but really it worked out perfectly (and by perfectly I mean that we had enough money to pay for it out right and we have no debt from it!) and I think we will be driving our 2004 Subaru Forrester for quite awhile. Look how red and shiny she is...sigh...

We're heading to the beach in less than a week for some Hoover family time! Then we are going to be making a grand tour of Western NC. So Andrews, Asheville, Marion, watch out the Hoovers are coming your way- and there are three of us now and two of us are always hungry- ok, make it three of us.

After our traveling is done we hope to have a better idea of where we will be settling in. Currently, Kyle has a strong job possibility in Charlotte, but in the meantime we are going to enjoy friends, family, food and A/C.

This blog is going to be transitioning over the next couple of months to a blog about ministry, family and life right where we are (wherever that might be!). Because the fact of the matter is that no matter where God has us it is a calling. A calling that we hope to fully embrace and live for His glory. We hope you will keep reading and seeking ways to follow God's work in your own life, community and around the world.

See ya on our grand tour!
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