Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Devil is in the Details...

Well, the Hoovers are currently trying to soak up every bit of Spring here in Ashevegas. Over the weekend we spent time out and about at our favorite locations around town. Keep following Friday's 25 countdown for more of these favorites in the coming weeks.

Along with the beauty of Spring we are beginning to encounter more and more details that have to be worked out and questions that require an answer on this road to Liberia. As they (you know "they" the group that is the world's authority on everything!) say "the devil is in the details." When you are thinking about packing up your life and moving to the third world in theory the details don't occur to you. However, when you are in the thick of things the details can be overwhelming.

The temptation is to just drown in the details. To move or not to move (our lease on our current apartment is up soon)? What to keep, what to sell, what to give to my brother who is circling like a hawk for our memory foam mattress topper (j/k John). When do we quit our jobs? How is this all going to happen? Thus, goes the downward spiral into anxiety and despair. Our Heavenly Father is steadfast in the face of these questions. He gently reaches down and plucks us from anxiety and despair. After all we aren't the one's doing this work anyway, He is...what a relief!

Also, Kyle and I have been dreaming about Africa. It is a bit weird to dream of a place that you have never been. However, I like to think it is the Lord's way of easing us in to our new home away from home. Nonetheless, as most of my dreams go they are not "normal" so to speak. Anyone who knows me should be well aware of my bizarro world dreams that happen just about every night. Last night I dreamed about a monkey in Liberia that attached itself to my arm. It had a mouth like one of those crazy monsters from Sesame Street that have the plunger things for mouths (you know the "one of these things is not like the other one" monsters) and it kept shooting spiders at me. Kyle says that what I saw in my dream isn't real. Well, if we get off of the plane and one of those plunger mouthed spider monkies jump on me I am going to be really angry.

Praying through the details,

Jessica (and Kyle)

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  1. I'll be praying right along with you. It's soothing to hear that you guys are thinking similarly to me and also having crazy dreams. I was arrested going over the China border from Thailand in a dream last month. THAT was scary. Love ya. Glad to have you around.


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