Friday, April 2, 2010

#22 on the countdown

How are we at #22 already? The Asheville/WNC favorite thing's salute marches on!
#22: Filo

Part coffee shop, part patisserie, part Greek pantheon of goodness...Do you get the point? I like Filo! When we moved across town to where we live now I was so sad because we wouldn't have any cute shops within walking distance. Not so my friends! From the outside Filo is very odd. It sticks out because it is unlike any of the other surrounding buildings. So when I walked inside and found it to be a cafe' that felt as if it was straight out of Europe I was more than a little surprised.

Let me list my favorite things about Filo:
Chocolate Bread
Local art
Good coffee and tea
Soup (a different one each day)
Cakes, cookies, beignets, etc

Filo is a jewel among jewels. I will miss it deeply and will probably spend the rest of my life trying to find something equitable everywhere else we live.

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