Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Adventure!

The Hoovers have had a whirlwind of a weekend! This past weekend we had the incredible opportunity to share our hearts with the congregation at Conrad Memorial Baptist Church. Conrad is the church that Kyle grew up at in High Point, NC. so we were particularly excited to share the work ahead with these folks. A bonus to this opportunity is that it allowed us to spend time with family (Kyle's parents and grandparents still live in the area) and spread the word about our work in Liberia. After our time at Conrad and a delicious lunch at Nana and Papa's house (Thanks Mom Hoover and Gigi!) we hopped in the Corolla and sped back up the mountain to Marion. Kyle taught the intro to Equip's well drilling class for the spring session and then we motored on up the mountain home. Whew! We need a nap!

*WARNING* I will now take a moment to brag about my wonderful husband!

It is so great to see Kyle sharing his heart with folks about the ministry of mercy to the nations and the journey set before us. It is even more wonderful to see him use his technical knowledge to train folks for the mission field. God has given him such a gift when it comes to teaching! He really knows how to take technical issues and translate it into real world practice. So there you go...He is all of you ladies are jealous!

We will share more in the coming days about our weekend journey and I did manage to take a couple of shots of Kyle in action teaching the Equip class so I will post that later too. Thank you to everyone at Conrad that so willingly listened,asked questions about the work ahead, and gave so generously. It is with your prayers, support and love that we can go confidently in the direction that the Lord has called us!

Peace Framily (friends and family),
The Hoovers

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  1. What a sweet guys are precious :-)


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