Friday, May 21, 2010

#15: Homage for the Hoagie

#15 - Homage to the Hoagie!

(Kyle) Asheville is a place known for its grand mountain vistas, panhandling weirdos, and feminine friendly shopping. Lets be honest fellas - there aren't many things downtown that hint at or scream manliness especially in the area of food (note: I do appreciate the occasional Asian fusion).

Well, for #15 this week I happily nominate Two Guys Hoagies. Yes - it is run by Ashevillians. Yes - they do have earthy fare on the menu (AKA "wraps"), but they have a mean steak and cheese and homemade meatball hoagie, proudly serve RC and Cheerwine products on tap and in the glass bottle, and offer a free sub card (remember Subway?) which is sometimes even double stamped because of a well timed compliment on their new goddess tattoo. For these reasons it has been a lunch time haven for all sorts from firemen and police officers, businessmen and engineers, as well as the occasional tourist who is either lost on their way back to I-40 from the Grove Park Inn or were told of the local goodness that lies inside of the inviting restored gas station along Charlotte Street.

Thanks Two Guys for the many "up the street" lunches that got me out of the office and reminded me that there IS life outside of the 2nd floor.

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  1. I wonder if they're related to 5 guys, or 3 guys in Raleigh? :)


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