Friday, May 28, 2010

#14: Let's PLAY BALLLLL!

#14: The Tourists

Round about the latter part of March when the weather is starting to make an upturn Kyle and I usually look at each other and ask one question,

"When is The Tourists' first game?"

The Tourists are Asheville's minor league baseball team. Yes, we know, not exactly the most intimidating team name that you've ever heard, but if you've ever seen the way that real tourists drive around AVL then you would understand. DANGEROUS! We have spent quite a few nights over the recent years in the sta
nds at McCormick field and are proud to call ourselves Tourist fans...I think...

The Tourists have a long history in AVL and their games are kind of a staple of summer time in the downtown area. You know Babe Ruth? Yeah, he played at McCormick field...and evidently said something really nice about our mountains and now that is plastered on everything in the stadium.

Kyle and I have made a lot of memories at Tourist game
s. One time we almost got hit by a renegade foul ball. Thirsty Thursday always provides some good people watching. The foot race from 1st to 3rd base between four semi-intoxicated guys in ridiculous outfits was an event to remember. When my grandmother visited we took her to a game and she hooted and hollered until we had to take her home. A fun time was had by all! Teddy Tourist (A giant teddy bear...I know once again super intimidating mascot) gave me a dozen roses the day I graduated college. you are really intimidated. Lots of memories....
Grandma and Jessica the night she (grandma) got thrown out for berating the team...Note: Do not take grandma to any sporting event with you. She will embarrass you as an adult as much as she embarrassed you as a kid at your t-ball games, trust me.

Then there is this guy...Joe Mikulik, the team's manager ...We were there the night that they honored Joe (which despite his outburst a few years ago is a really great manager) for 10 years with the Tourists. We choked back emotions at the photo montage with Miley Cyrus singing It's the Climb in the background, sniff, sniff, phfffft. You may know the name. He was featured on ESPN one day a few years ago because of this:

All that to say...Thank you to the The Tourists for many lazy spring/summer/early fall evenings spent enjoying one of the greatest games ever invented.

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