Friday, May 14, 2010

#16 Get ready for the goodness!

#16: Tupelo Honey Cafe

Thought grilled cheese and tomato soup was something you left in your childhood? Think again.

Tupelo Honey Cafe (THC) is an Asheville institution. Down home Southern cooking meets culinary heaven...the result is a meal that anyone (and I do mean anyone...I dare you Osama Bin Laden to not like THC) could enjoy. Most of the ingredients at THC are locally grown. Hooray for our local farmers!

Blackberry jam slathered across cat head biscuits...and that is just to start. THC has something for everyone. From fried green tomatoes to fried chicken. Oh, and let's not forget the Brown Butter Pecan Pie. Someone get me a napkin...I'm droolin' all over myself (TMI).

Charming, that is what THC is and awfully good to boot. THC just expanded to two locations. The downtown staple cafe as well as a new restaurant on the south end of town! 2x the goodness! Oh, my!

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  1. I heard that Osama lives in a cave in the mountains in Western NC just so that he has easy access to Tupelo. True story!


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