Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coffee Talk with Linda Richman

Remember that SNL skit? Well this post has nothing to do with SNL or Linda Richman but it does concern coffee. As everyone knows Kyle and I are deep within the muck and mire of support raising. God is showing Himself more than faithful during this time. We have been encouraged by the Body of Christ and we are trusting that the Lord is going to provide everything we need to get to Liberia in September. With that said let it be known that we are not above getting creative with our support raising!

We have more than a few friends that are in the adoption process. Adoption (especially overseas adoption) can be outrageously expensive in a similar fashion to missionary work. Many of these adoptive families have utilized a great fundraising tool. Just Love Coffee roasters is a fair trade coffee roasting company and fundraising organization for adoptive families, missionaries and other philanthropic causes. Kyle and I have set up our own store front where you, yes YOU, can purchase coffee, t-shirts, and other accessories. A portion of each purchase will come directly to us each month! What do you think? Is that cool or what?

Buy coffee in America. Share the Gospel in Liberia...yes, please.

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