Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Fun and Answered Prayers!

We've come off of a weekend full to the brim. Mi hermano y la familia (a little Spanish for ya) came for a visit. It is such a blessing to enjoy Asheville and the mountains with our family. We are truly blessed by so many who have protected our freedom and made the ultimate sacrifice so that a weekend of enjoying God's creation and each other is possible.

There is much to tell but we will spread it out over several posts. We will be completely revising our budget for Liberia in the next week. We found out that our housing and a few other budgetary needs will be provided for! PRAISE THE LORD! Things are really moving into place and we continue to be blessed and confident that the Lord is orchestrating the next phase of this journey.

The other week when we did the grand Trinity Growth Group tour someone asked us "What is your biggest fear, and what are your primary prayer needs?"

Kyle and I both answered individually and it was neat to see what each other said in response. We both said that there are very few things that we are anxious about right now. God has really provided unity of heart and mind for us and that is such a blessing. We both agree that our peace is only attributable to the sustaining power of God and the prayers of His people. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! Our prayer needs revolve around God's provision both now and once we are on the field.

1)Pray for God's protections; marriage, health, ministry

2)Pray for our relationship with those already working with Equip Liberia. Pray that God would provide unity of spirit and purpose to present the Gospel in word and deed to one another and the Liberian people.

Thank you for your continued support. June is a big month. We will be having a yardsale on the 5th (next Saturday!) and moving out at the end of the month. Big stuff!

Thanks for reading this little ole' really means a lot!

In Christ Alone,
Kyle and Jessica

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