Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"TO DO" Tuesday: WATSAN Decoded

We told you that the WATSAN "TO DO" Tuesday was being postponed...well wait no longer!

Better late than never....

WATSAN - no it's not some sort of kung fu or obscure 90's rap group. Perhaps a little arithmetic would be handy:

WATer + SANitation = WATSAN

WATSAN is an abbreviation that describes water and sanitation work that is conducted in community development programs in developing countries.

Why put the two together? Because you cannot see real change in the physical well being of a group of people who are struggling with water related health issues until both clean water and proper sanitation are addressed.

Photo courtesy of Equip Liberia.

Typically WATSAN projects include providing a sustainable source of clean water (such as a well) and properly located and constructed sanitation facilities (latrines and hand washing stations). Community health education precedes and follows WATSAN projects to educate and train people to connect the importance of keeping clean things separate from well....not clean things. There you have it WATSAN decoded!

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