Friday, June 18, 2010

#11: Dinner and a Movie

#11: Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company

"What's with that spaceship on Merrimon Ave?"

"That's not a's even more awesome."

One of the first AVL delights that we experienced upon moving to Asheville was Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company. Asheville Pizza to all the Baptists. That was a joke...ok, A JOKE!

So you're thinking how is it so great? I mean it's just pizza...Let me enlighten you! APBC has pizza, hippies, a $3 movie theater (yes, you can eat while watching!), an arcade, a large screen playing cartoons in the arcade, confusing bathroom doors, classy decor (a muraled painting of dogs playing poker...does it get any classier?), a table with nothing but James Bond movie pictures, a mural of Star Wars characters, need we say more?

Located on Merrimon Ave. right off of UNCA's (Jessica's alma mater) campus. UNCA students (and all cool people) call it "The Brew and View" It's a fun little dive to shake of the day's grit and grab a bite to eat. The laid back atmosphere lends itself to hangin' out and is super kid friendly. They even have a balloon animal artist on Tuesday nights for the kiddos or Kyle....yeah, it's supposed to be for the kiddos.

So I raise my glass (of sweet tea, for all you Baptists, smile/wink/nudge) to the Merrimon Ave. spaceship. Thanks APBC for many good meals and hours of fun!

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