Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Update: Rollin' on...and on...and on...

Another Monday which means we are another week closer to leaving AVL. It is starting to become real..and overwhelming...but God keeps reminding us that He is in charge of this journey, not us!

We were able to shed a few more pounds of stuff this past weekend. Our second yard sale brought in another $300 once you count in the craiglist items. Thank the Lord for craigslist, really, once you get past the chance that you might attract some kind of creepy weirdo your stuff goes quick!

We still have a few items of interest:
1 antique trunk (circa: 1930)
2 real wood bookshelves (one about 5' and the other about 3' tall)
1 hammered dulcimer (includes hammers, stand, tuner and a couple of books)
1 T.V. (22" I think)
1 twin bed frame

Contact us if you are interested in taking any of these items off our hands. We'll even cut you a deal!

Some folks have asked us how it feels to be getting rid of all of our belongings.
God is reminding us during this season that material things can create a lot of bondage in our lives. They can hold us back from moving freely into all that He has for us. As we have gotten rid of stuff we have both felt a freedom to GO! We have realized that it is impossible to just get up and GO when you are held in one place by things.

This week is a big one. Kyle will complete a major project at work which will alleviate some of the stress that he has been feeling lately. I will complete my job that we do not speak of...HOORAY! At the end of the week we will be speaking at the closing banquet for Trinity's Arts & Sport's Camp! Please keep us lifted up to our Heavenly Father. It is in these details that we can become impatient and lost our cool with one another! Kyle and I have to remind each other that we are working towards the same purpose. We are on the same team! You're on that team with us too so we will keep you lifted up if you will do the same for us!

Also, a big barrel of love to my wonderful Grandmother whose Birthday is on Tuesday!

Happy Birthday Grandma!
I'm not sure why I just wished her a Happy Birthday on our blog. She doesn't have a computer...yet...we're working on that though. We can't have Grandma going a year without seeing us!

Keep following our journey. It's about to get interesting!

June 26th-Move our stuff into storage at Ma and Pa Hoover's
June 27th-Commissioning Service at Trinity PCA
July 2nd-Speak to the youth at Trinity about the work ahead in Liberia
July 4th- Happy Birthday America! (Maybe celebrating at SWO!)
July 8th-Leave for Equip Canada Training
July 31st-Return from Canada to NC
August-Hoover Beach Trip, hanging with family! COMPLETE SUPPORT RAISING!
September- Leave for Liberia!

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  1. #1 You guys are BUSY
    #2 I can't believe you guys are leaving in just a few months
    #3 i'm SUPER jelous that you maybe get to go to SWO for the 4th of July

    Love you!


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