Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Update

Things really began to move forward in big ways this past weekend! Saturday was CAHRAZYYYY! Here is the way the day went!

-Up with the birds to pick up our moving van.

-Packed everything we own into the van in an hour or less.

-A drive down the mountain-UHAUL with Kyle and Norb's cat, Corolla close behind.

-Arrive at Ma and Pa Hoovers to find a wooden rolling cart awaiting all our belongings-
Thanks Dad!

-Unload Norb's cat to end the constant meows that Kyle endured from Asheville to Archdale.

-Unload all non-meowing items from truck

-Escape inside from the heat and grab toothpicks to prop open our eyelids b/c naps were needed!

-Trip down the road into High Point to return the truck. Lots of odd peeps at the gas we really need to discuss the NC sin tax one more time? We know you don't like it. Buy your carton b/c it's not going to stop you!

-Quick dinner with the parents at the seafood house.

-Back in the Corolla for the trip back up the mountain! Minus a screaming feline...sniff...sniff...tear.

Wow! It was a hot, busy day, but it is DONE, D-U-N-N, DONE!

Sunday was much more relaxing! We went to church and were blessed by the prayers of our Asheville family. They commissioned us along with another family, the Kendalls, who will be going to serve at the Rift Valley Academy in the Rift Valley of Kenya. We came to Trinity four years ago after many long Sundays of unfruitful searching for a Church. We were discouraged and longing to be fed from God's Word and be part of a growing Body of believers. God richly blessed us with the Body at Trinity. Through God's sovereignty and Trinity we have had rich opportunities (including through a series of providential events finding the ministry of Equip!) and relationships. It is bittersweet to be leaving AVL, especially all of our dear family at Trinity.

Today we are cleaning our apartment from head to toe. No crack will be left untouched! No cobweb will be left unswept! Tonight we will begin invading the Wood household for a week and a half! A big thanks to John and Deb for their kindness in extending their BEEYOUTEEFULL home to us! God is so good!

Here is the itinerary for the next week and a half!
6/28-Clean apartment and move in with the Woods
6/30-Officially our lease is up!
7/2-7/5- SWO Visit!
7/7-Kyle's last day of work at Brooks Engineering Associates
7/8-Hop a plane in the PM for Vancouver, British Columbia.

These are the days that we need all of your prayers to propel us forward. The enemy would like us to grow fearful during these days. Fearful that we are doing the wrong thing. Fearful that our funding won't be there in September. Fearful that the bottom will fall out of this whole scheme, but that's just it. God is doing the work, not us, and we can trust in a God that has gotten us this far and is not in the business of abandonment. Thanks for reading this little blog. It means the world.

July 8th and beyond!
July 8th-Leave for Equip Canada Training
July 31st-Return from Canada to NC
August-Hoover Beach Trip, hanging with family! COMPLETE SUPPORT RAISING!
September- Leave for Liberia!

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