Monday, June 7, 2010

Short Update and God of the Gaps

First, let us thank everyone from Trinity that came out for our yard sale! We were super successful! Thanks to the Riddles and the Zetterholms for their donations! An especially big thanks to the Riddles for dragging themselves out of bed to help us lug everything out into the yard! The money that we raised will help pay for our upcoming trip to Canada for training. Never underestimate the buying power of a van full of Moldovan college students. I (Jessica) haggled with an elderly neighbor to get $3 for a bundt pan. I am trying to hone my bargaining skills for the mission field. I probably should feel bad about haggling over a $1 with an elderly lady. Oh well, $600 for a good cause. I will post more on the yard sale tomorrow. I've even got pictures. We will be having another small sale next weekend to get rid of the remaining items.

Today I want to share a post from my own blog. I have altered it for this blog, but the content is largely the same. I hope wherever you are in your relationship with the Lord that you will be encouraged.

My God fills in the gaps...

There are days when I can literally feel my weaknesses dripping off of me. Yet I have come to see that these weaknesses don't amount to a hill of beans in God's eyes. Don't underestimate what God will call the ill-equipped to do. My mind's eye sees Moses, bedraggled wilderness dweller, encountering a bush aflame with the Glory of the "I AM". Eyes shaded from the intensity of the fire which is a holy God. Words stuttering up his throat and out his lips.

Not me. I'm not ready. I won't ever be ready.

The flaming bush saw it differently. Across the distance Aaron comes walking. A glad heart to greet his brother and an eloquent speaker by any standards. Aaron would be Moses mouthpiece. Moses would be God's tool to free His people. When God calls you can't bow out. It just doesn't work that way. He will capture your heart and attention one way or the other.

God sees the gaps in our ability. Our ability to heal relationships with family members. Our ability to raise the funds needed to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Our failures in our marriages. Our scattered parenting methods. Our ability to live lives of Godliness in this present world. He will not call us to anything that he will not equip us for mind, body and spirit.

Not me. I'm not ready. I won't ever be ready.

God sees me. God sees you. He sees my weaknesses. He sees your weaknesses. He is filling in all our gaps moment by moment.

Kyle and Jessica Hoover

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  1. Awesome awesome awesome awesome and very encouraging :-) It's cool how the Holy Spirit speaks the same everywhere at the same time. I heard one of the messages from church yesterday was about the very same thing...God filling in the Gap (in fact, I think the word gap was in the title). My friend briefed me on the message and I can't wait to get the cd of it :-)


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