Friday, June 25, 2010

#10: Now the real countdown begins...

Ummmmmm, have you noticed most of our Top 25 revolves around food? Cuz it does...and I'm fine with that! So here goes, the Top 10 in no particular order...Doesn't the countdown for the space shuttle start at 10? Yeah, this is kind of similar. T-minus 10 weeks till Liberia...

#10: Early Girl Eatery

I (Jessica) am spotlighting the Early Girl Eatery because it is a place that I love, but only get to go on special occasions, i.e; when other girls come for a visit. Now this isn't because the Early Girl is a gals only sort of place, but it is because Kyle isn't fan.

Too many vegetables, too little red meat, too much goat cheese...

Honestly I am the only one forcing the Early Girl on the list because I am convinced it could close down forever and Kyle wouldn't even notice. However, I feel differently and jump at every chance I get to grab breakfast with a friend or a relaxed dinner with visiting folks at the Early Girl.

Farm fresh food, kid friendly atmosphere, Southern inspired dishes, fresh flowers on the table, all right in the heart of downtown AVL. Yep, my kind of place. I heart the Early Girl Eatery for breakfast, lunch or dinner...signing off for this week...more Jessica than Kyle at #10, but still worth every delicious bite!

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