Monday, May 24, 2010

Blessings and Answers

Prayer Request Answered: LOST season finale means that we will not spend an entire year in Africa worrying about Jack, Kate, Sawyer and John Locke.

A huge "Thank you" to the Growth Groups at Trinity for so warmly welcoming us this past week!
We have had 3 potlucks in 5 days and have been able to really save on our grocery bill! Truly it has been a blessing to share more about our calling with the body of Trinity. God placed us at Trinity over 3 years ago and we are so blessed to have everyone within that body make this journey to Liberia with us! Sorry we don't have any pictures from this past week's speaking tour! It is hard to take pictures and talk about Liberia!

In other news...

On top of our Growth Group speaking tour we were able to meet Steve and Sandy Skinner, a couple that is involved with an ongoing work in Liberia, West Africa Crossroads. We are excited to possibly partner with them during our time in Liberia. It was a great blessing to hear about their experiences in Liberia and glean tips and encouragement as we prepare for the big move. Big thanks to the Skinners for their prayers and encouragement!

We also received some very good news on Friday! As it stands now we will be stationed in Saclepea, a small village that Equip Liberia has an office and compound in. The fact that Equip Liberia already has living quarters in Saclepea means that we will not have to pay for our housing which allows us to reduce our budget for our monthly needs!

God is proving Himself immensely faithful. We still have a long way to go to complete our support raising. The rubber is meeting the road and we are trusting that God is standing at the end of that road orchestrating every part of the journey! We will be sharing more details over the next couple of weeks as we draw closer to the end of our time in Asheville. Things are really starting to get exciting...details, details, details!

This week we will welcome my brother and his family (Jessica speaking here!) for the weekend and to celebrate my Birthday! Good times!


  1. It sounds like everything is coming together! :0) when is the departure date?

  2. Saclepea - I'll have to find that on the map. I'm SO thankful that you have gotten acquinted with the Skinners -- they must be a special gift from God! And your housing -- oh, such wonderful things are falling into place!


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