Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back in the Land of the Pines

After 24hrs. in an airport we made it back to God's country. Ahhhhhh, the sound of a Southern accent. The Canadians we met along the way were gracious hosts, but we've gotta say that a good Southern accent is like warm honey and it can't be beat!

We're running errands, reading back-logged mail, eating biscuits and grits, and rearranging all our worldly good-once again. We've been reunited with the Norbs cat briefly. He's every bit himself these days-and more-Mimi and Poppi's is evidently not a place where he will be losing weight.

This morning we hopped out of bed with every intention of getting our shots- Yellow fever, Typhoid, etc... only to find out that our appointment is for tomorrow. So we will try again...tomorrow. We will be heading to the Raleigh area with the Norbs cat tomorrow. Saturday we head to Myrtle Beach for some family time/vacation with the Hoovers!

Big thanks to our SWO family for sending us a package full of love, letters, and goodies! It truly reminds us that this work is not of us, but by God's grace that is being given to us through so many!

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~Kyle and Jessica Hoover

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