Friday, August 27, 2010

The Truth Comes Out

Welp, Friday is here again. We are heading off to AVL on Saturday so all you Ashevillians check your spare bedrooms and basement apartments for the Hoovers.

We've been a bit cryptic as of late about our departure date. We now can share with you what the plan is! A couple of weeks ago Kyle was asked to consider assisting with Equip USA's Water Resources Classes (filters, pumps, well-drilling) in Marion, NC. The problem with that was we had planned on leaving for Liberia around mid-September. The classes are set for the 1st three weeks in October. So folks on both sides of the Atlantic had to be consulted and a decision had to be made. After a week or so of praying and emailing we decided to delay our departure so that Kyle can help teach the upcoming courses.

After that decision was made we were able to begin moving in a definite direction!

Today we are making the final arrangements to set our plane tickets for Liberia in stone. FINALLY! This has been a long time coming. The plan is to leave on October 30th (the day after our 5th anniversary!) and hop a bizillion flights and eventually make it to Liberia. Got that?

Pray that we would use this extended time wisely. God has provided for these extra months in the States. Pray that we would trust that all the ends will be met. I (Jessica) would like to think I was ready to leave yesterday. Evidently God has something else in mind.

Unfortunately this means more blogs from the hinterland. Stick with us...t-minus 2 months!

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  1. 1. WOW only 2 months from your departure date! WOAH thats close!

    2. You guys have been married for 5 years?!? thats crazy how fast time flies!


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