Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Update

Sometimes God's faithfulness is paraded before your eyes...quite literally.

Last night we were incredibly blessed to be apart of a time of celebration. Our church in Asheville, Trinity PCA, had a dinner, time of prayer and time of encouragement for all the missionaries that Trinity is sending out. We are so thankful for the time that God gave us to share with our Trinity family about what the Lord is, has and will do through this journey to Liberia. As we stood in a receiving line (more like a wedding than a funeral) greeting friends old and new we realized it was a visible display of God's faithfulness and abundant provision for all of our needs. Thank you Mission's Ministry Group! Thank you Trinity family! We hope to see all of you a couple more time before we leave the country. Know that it is by your prayers, support and encouragement that we set out on this mission.

We head back to High Point today. We're going to pass another week in the Piedmont of North Carolina while we wait for the back quarter panel of our car to get repaired. Thanks, Asheville Waste Management for side swiping our car many moons ago. (that was sarcasm)

September is wide open for us. The classes at Equip don't begin until October 2nd. Which leaves us with some time to kill. Keep a close eye on your spare bedrooms and basement apartments. We just might show up on your doorstep!

Finally, for today's update we are instituting a weekly prayer theme. We have been floored by the amount of folks that have shared with us that they are covering us in prayers. Each week from this point on we will share one item of prayer that will be posted alongside all of our other posts for the week. When you see these prayer requests please take just a moment, right then, to pray for this specific need.

This weeks prayer need: Pray that God would speak to us through His Word in a new and fresh way. That we would be able to know with confidence the height, width and depth of the Love of God both personally and as a couple.

Our plane tickets are set for October 30th, exactly two months from today. That's a big deal. Thanks for reading our blog!

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