Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordy Wednesday: Where'd You Get the Bronze From?

I'm (Jessica) blaming the jet lag for our lack of a Wordless Wednesday photo to share. My heads just not been in the game since the trip back, but God works in spite of us and our limited ability (or cognizance). I say this because I think God wanted me to share something rather than show something on the blog today.

Over the last few months I have been slowly, methodically reading through Scripture- Genesis to Revelation. No, time line, no agenda, just reading through at my own pace soaking in whatever it is the Lord wants me too. Recently I journeyed through Exodus. Yep, Exodus, Moses tale stands as tall as ever. The story really is epic. So I'm reading through the book like an outsider and at times on the edge of my seat to see what by now should be a not so surprise ending. I get through the wilderness, Moses reluctant leadership, the plagues and the hard hearted Pharaoh, the Sea split wide for the people of God to walk through (not around, but through), the battles, Moses heavy arms held high, water from a rock in a dry and weary land, a mount ablaze with God's glory and Moses face aglow,the law given, idols made, a tabernacle built.

There is no end to the Exodus miracles.

Why am I telling you this? Well, as I was reading through, near the end, the description of the tabernacle began...and it just kept going...and going...and well, you know, going...I had to force myself to engage with these passages. Scarlet thread, gold filigree, ephods, and priestly undergarments (say what?). Something occurred to me as I struggled to stay locked into what God was doing/saying through the detailed description of how the tabernacle was to be constructed. Where were all these materials coming from? I mean you've got a people who had been slaves for a bazillion years and are released to wander the wilderness, unbeknown to them, for forty years. Bronze, gold, onyx, precious jewels, all the finest for this priestly tabernacle. The Israelites were in no position to retrieve all the materials that God was requiring. They were ill-prepared to say the least.

That's me on any given day. Ill-prepared at best for the task ahead. Full of fear, full of inadequacy, full of doubt, but God calls us in spite of our inadequacies and He makes something beautiful out of all of it. Because guess what? We don't have what it takes. You won't read that in the latest, greatest self-help book. You won't hear that on Oprah, but it's true. On our own, apart from the work of Christ, we don't have what it takes. The Israelites on their own apart from God didn't even have water to drink much less enough bronze to make a suitable temple.

God is a God of provision. Provision for our lack. The bridge across the vast chasm of our need, but boy don't we try to span that gap? That's why we wake up at 5:30 am in a fountain of worry.

(Worry about our husband's diet, worry about finances, worry about aging parents, worry about flying on airplanes, worry about hurricanes, worry about politics, worry about everyone and everything else in our lives that we have absolutely NO control over any way).

That's why we find it easier to know things about God rather than to know God the Father and His Son, our Savior, Jesus. If He is God to you He will supply your lack when He calls you to abundance. Today and every day. Wilderness wandering may be all a part of that plan, but His provision will remain. What I love about the end of Exodus is the promise. God doesn't leave Moses and the people of Israel. He promises to be with them and guide them through the journey. His still stands for those who believe. He has not left us in the wilderness.

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