Monday, August 23, 2010

Friends, Family and the Uncertain Details

Time flies when you're havin' fun!

We've been spending time with family around the Raleigh area this past week. For me (Jessica) it is the longest I've been around the part of the world that I grew up in, in many years. I have missed the scenery and people, but not the humidity. I suppose the Lord is preparing us for the intense heat and humidity of a typical Liberian day so I will simply be thankful.

Last week we were in limbo. We've been uncertain about our departure date which has left a bunch of the details up in the air that we hoped to have pretty well set at this point. Just another opportunity to trust God's providence along the road of this journey! However, things have begun to clarify themselves and we are confident that we will have a departure date set in stone this coming week. Sorry to be so cryptic, we will share more this week once things get set!

We're heard from many of you saying that you received our prayer cards! Once again our postage goes unwasted! Yipee! Now the Hoovers can take up residence on your refrigerator! Thanks again to Tanya McSween for doing the photography and design work!

A big thanks to my cousins (Wayne and Linda Elms, more like an aunt and uncle to me) who had us up to their lake house over the weekend. It was a little slice of heaven. Jet ski, fishing, steaks, Journey on DVD, George Strait on the stereo and dessert to boot, and an unexpected fireworks that is what I call Lake Livin'! Thanks Wayne and Linda!

This week we head back to High Point, NC and then onto Asheville over the weekend! This week should be an interesting week around the blog so be sure to check back for all the news! We love each and everyone of you that is following this journey. Our hope is that through these daily logs you would see the grace and goodness of our Lord and be drawn closer to the Source of all life through these posts.

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  1. I wish I could have seen you while you were in the Raliegh area. But of course when you come home I go back to school! BOO! Sounds like you had fun visiting with family (wish I could have been at the lake!) :0) Can't wait to read more of your blog this week!


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