Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stuck Between Two Continents

What's it like being in limbo between two continents?


As you can see the words that come to mind when faced with this question are a mixed bag. Over the course of the last 6 weeks we have packed our Asheville home up, moved everything into storage, started living out of the Corolla, spent 3 weeks in Canada, a week bouncing between Charlotte, High Point and Raleigh, a week in Myrtle Beach with the Hoover clan, been stuck like a pin cushion for travel shots, wrestled and played with the nieces and nephews, enjoyed a day on the lake and put a few hundred more miles on the car. Kyle's mom calls us her "roaming gnomes" and roam we have in the past few weeks and there is no end in sight.

Liberia will be our biggest roam yet and we are anxious to set sail for it's shores. However, God is doing a work in our lives during the interim and we trust that is all preparation for the road ahead. If I (Jessica) were honest I'd have to say it is difficult to feel "stuck" between two continents. Each day we are forced to rely on Christ to provide a place for us to stay and all the other needs that we might have. Most folks we encounter are shocked when they realize that we really mean it when we say we are homeless.

Being "homeless" means relying on friends and family to open their hearts and homes to us. Kyle and I have been forced to be vulnerable and allow God to provide for our daily needs through many different people. No longer can I (Jessica) walk to MY drier and do OUR laundry. No longer do we have OUR OWN space. It's amazing how easily our independence and self-centeredness comes to the forefront when we find our self in an uncomfortable position. It seems to ooze out of my pores at times.

And yet...

God is stripping away our independence to show Himself faithful to provide and to show us that this work is not dependent on us. So what is it like being in limbo between two continents? I think that we won't fully know until we're in Liberia and can look back from the other side of the Atlantic and see all of the little and big ways that God has provided for this journey. Pray that we will be attentive to His voice and His lessons of love and provision.


  1. Praying for you- I understand the feelings. Thanks for being honest about them. Being out of control of the details of your life as well as lack of personal space is great preparation for missions and Liberia. None of this is wasted time. Hang in there!!

  2. We really miss you both....but excited to hear of your details...What a hard but wonderful place to be..trusting in the Creator of all things by putting yourselves in a position where nothing on Earth can meet your needs....:-)


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