Friday, August 20, 2010

The Countdown: In More Ways Than One

Welcome to Friday! Back before the big Canada adventure we were counting down all of our favorite things about Western NC, where up until last month we called home. If my memory serves me right we had made it up to #8 out of a Top 25 (in no particular order). Our life has changed dramatically in the last month. Jobs have been quit, classes have been taken, support has been raised and vacations have been had. The one thing that hasn't happened is the remainder of the countdown! So here it is, in no particular order and without ranking, the remainder of the countdown!

Check out the links to find out more about our favorite things!

Doc Chey's, the view of downtown from Beaucatcher Tunnel, The Biltmore Estate, Ultimate Ice Cream, Mamacitas, The Screen Door, Mast General Store, Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters, the Nantahala River, Shindig on the Green, Black Mountain, NC, Dupont State Forest, the Davidson River, the River Arts District of Asheville...ok, so you get my point...there are more than 8 things that could finish out this list!

FYI to all our AVL peeps, we will be in Asheville over the weekend of August 28th-29th. We are looking forward to a service at Trinity and giving/receiving
some big hugs/encouragement from good friends.

Now that we have put to rest the Top 25 Countdown (be sure to look back through the archives for more!) we can move onto more pressing matters! As we near our departure date (whatever that may be at this point, continue to pray for clarity!) we will be endeavoring to answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we get in the coming blog posts. You know, inquiring minds want to know!

Questions like:
What are you going to wear in Liberia?
What are your living conditions like?
Are you worried about malaria?
What are you doing with your car?
What is Liberia's climate like?
How will you get around?
How does your family feel about this journey?
What kind of food will you be eating?
Are you nervous/excited/anxious, etc?

Stay's just now gettin' excited! We're watchin' God do something BIG.

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