Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"TO DO" Tuesday!

Not much to say on this "TO DO" Tuesday! I think our biggest question at this point is what are we going "TO DO" with all this information floating in our overloaded brains? Yesterday we learned catheterization and today we will learn about suturing! I will try to take some pictures to prove that I am not making this up!

We hope to find out a lot more this weekend about the in's and out's of life in Liberia when we finally meet the Waines family! Otherwise we are just hanging on for the last few days of the MMI course! Anyone suspect that you have an issue of malnutrition or a crazy infectious, tropical disease? Well, after Thursday just ask us and we might have an answer-of course always consult with your physician- unless you are in Liberia!

We are off to Victoria, B.C. to enjoy the city life for a few days over the weekend! We are around our half way point in our stay! Wow! More pictures to come!

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