Tuesday, July 6, 2010

"TO DO" Tuesday

This week the Hoovers go back to school for "TO DO" Tuesday! Our trip up to Canada isn't all vacation! Nope, it's mostly training classes. We will arrive in Vancouver, B.C. on Thursday and make our way over to Vancouver Island a couple of days later where we will spend the majority of the next 3 weeks in intensive training classes. We will be taking two classes the Missionary Medicine Intensive (MMI) and the Community Health Evangelism (CHE) course.

Here are the descriptions of the classes:

MMI (website description)
MMI is a two-week course designed to equip missionaries with diagnostic skills and appropriate treatments. MMI enables the missionary to do physical exams, and to process the information gathered to come up with an accurate diagnosis, and a recommended treatment.

Photos courtesy of Equip International

or in other words...
A village newborn is brought to you with an infected umbilical cord.
An old man shows up with a badly burnt hand.
Your three-year-old has a fever with a red rash.
And the nearest good doctor is three hours away over washed out roads.
What would you do?

(Hoover's description)
The MMI consists of everything from birthin' babies to sewing up wounds...woah, we're feelin' queasy...and a lot of homework. We'll spend our days learning all kinds of medical terminology and we will spend our nights doing case studies to hone our diagnostic skills. INTENSE!

CHE (website description)
CHE is a five-day course that teaches missionaries to link evangelism with social development. Using CHE concepts, communities in any cultural setting are encouraged to identify their own problems of health, education, agriculture, micro-enterprise, etc, and then create their own solutions for these problems.

Photos courtesy of Equip International

(Hoover's description)
The last week of our training will be the CHE class. This class is extremely applicable to the work in Liberia and we are excited to make the connection between mercy ministry, the Gospel and the culture.

So there it is! Pray that we would be diligent in these classes. That we would stay tuned into the material and would retain as much as possible! That's it for "TO DO" Tuesday! Check out Equip International to read more about the classes that are offered!

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  1. Praying for you guys!!!! So proud of you for submitting and obeying to God's call!


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