Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Update from the Great White North

We are now entering into our 2nd full week in Canada. The Knoll is treating us well and we are feeling relaxed and refreshed in the midst of our training class. We had the weekend off from case studies and inserting feeding tubes to enjoy the area and some peace and quiet! So far we've seen ducks, a beaver, small cat tracks, and a muskrat. Ahhhhh, nature at our back door! We're hoping to see a family of otters! Keep your fingers crossed!

What did we learn last week? Well, we learned about a number of diseases from malaria and tuberculosis to leprosy and tetanus. We also learned how to insert feeding tubes and give each other shots. Friday was all about childbirth...Kyle held it together...I on the other hand was drinking it all in and loving it! This coming week we will learn all about infectious, flesh eating diseases from a microbiologist! Thursday is our wrap up for our MMI class and then we will be headed to Victoria for the weekend before beginning our CHE class.

We've packed so much knowledge into our heads that it would be easy to miss the voice of the Lord in the midst. God has been speaking powerfully through Barrie (Equip International's director) as he has shared with us each morning. Barrie and Tille Flitcroft were missionaries for many years on the fields of Vietnam, South Korea and the Philippines. Through his stories and the evidence of God's provision and power in Barrie (and Tillie's) lives we have been encouraged that God is providing for each and every need of our hearts, both physically and spiritually. What an amazing thing to look to folks who have walked this path before and in whom we find such sweet wisdom and evidence of God's faithfulness!

We are drinking in the mild days and cool evenings in anticipation of very different weather in the coming months! Liberia is the total opposite climate...sigh...Pray for us as we attempt to meet up with the Waines family during the remainder of our time in Canada!

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