Friday, July 2, 2010

#9: The Grove Park Inn

#9: The Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa

So this week we are gettin' a little pretentious around here. Yep our #9 is the Grove Park Inn Resort and Spa. We can't vouch for the Inn, but we certainly can vouch for the Spa. It is fabulous! FUHABYOULESS!

I'm short on time this week. Imagine that? I mean what else do I have to do? Hmmmmmm, something about going to Canada for a month and moving to Liberia after that...minor stuff you know! All that to say #9 is gonna be short, sweet and to the point...kinda like me...

A portion of the Spa where we were blessed to spend some time the other day all thanks to a dear friend!)

In case you haven't caught enough episodes of North Carolina Weekend on PBS I will offer a short Grove Park description: Gigantic, fancy schmancy old inn that overlooks Asheville and the surrounding mountains complete with the #13 Spa in the world, golf course, fine dining, etc. Locals can go up and tour for free and every year the Grove Park plays host to the National Gingerbread house competition during the holiday season!

The house is chocked full of history including extended stays by the rich and famous and many of our presidents. That includes Barack and Michelle's recent stay! Fancy that! It makes for a good evening to just go up to the Inn and wander around. You can pretend that you are rich. Pretend being the key word!

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