Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday Update

Sorry for the update being a little late this morning. We got back to The Knoll yesterday afternoon and jumped right in with getting to know the new crew for our Community Health Evangelism (CHE, pronounced ~chay) class. During our MMI we stayed in the "chalet" section of the house. This class is considerably bigger and there are 5 couples in the whole crew. In order to arrange for all the couples to stay together someone had to stay in the shed. Guess who is staying in the shed?

Yep...we are...Isn't it sweet how Equip treats their missionaries?

Don't feel too sorry for us. The shed has two beds, "carpet" and electricity. Bonus: you can listen to the river as you drift off to sleep!

We will post more pics from our weekend Victoria adventure and our newest humble abode

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