Friday, July 2, 2010

Monday Update

This past week we...

Moved completely out of our apartment and into a beautiful house with dear friends. Began living out of a couple of plastic tubs and our car. Then on Friday we made the drive over to Andrews, NC for a weekend with our SWO family!

Our weekend at SWO (Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters for all you sayin' "huh?!" right now.) wrapped up today and we are back in AVL with full hearts and a lot of excitement about the days ahead. Well, at lest we will be really excited after we take a nap! SWO is where we met and our SWO framily will always be close to our hearts and minds. We were so blessed to see so many familiar faces and share our hearts with those closest to us. It's amazing how close the Body of Christ can become, truly spiritual ties are thicker than any others, Kyle and I have both experienced that in real and powerful ways. As we were leaving we were overwhelmed by the summer/full time staff's prayers. Summer staff that we didn't even know introduced themselves just to share that they had been praying for us! No wonder we have repeatedly felt like we are being buoyed along by the prayers of the saints! Because we really are! God is surrounding us at every turn with reassurance and blessings!

We also got to have a surprise visit with Kyle's cousins, and aunt and uncle. Kyle's cousin Paige has worked a couple of summers at SWO and is there for SWOX (SWO 2010!) so her mom (Aunt Gigi), dad (Uncle Paul) and (Jordan) made the trip up for the 4th! It was an unexpected and welcomed surprise!

Also, more exciting news! Our friends Harry and Tanya McSween took some photos (ok, Tanya took the photos and Harry ran interference with the elderly lady that owned the property we were taking the pictures on) of us for our prayer card! Tanya is doing the design work too and they should be in your mail box when we get back from Canada! They are going to be amazing and we are so thrilled that Tanya was willing to help out! Thanks McSweens! Check out Tanya's work at McSween Photography.

There are so many more details that we would love to share. Everything from seeing our friends Spencer and Amy's little girls, to sharing in worship time with the SWO staff, to hangin' around a campfire with the Holloways, to watchin' UFC fights at Kahunas with the boys, to enjoying some amazing hometown, Andrews, NC fireworks. Not to mention Mexican food and driving through the river gorge with the windows down. All of those things were gems in a full weekend, but more than anything else that we enjoyed this weekend is the like-mindedness that we share with our framily in Andrews that gives us confidence, and a sense of connectedness to go boldly in the direction that God has called us! We are blessed to look back at God's weaving of our relationships at SWO and to see the tight way that His Spirit interweaves those within His family. We believe and we are blessed.

Enough rattling on about the weekend. If you didn't notice I could have gone on for days, but Thursday is quick approaching! We will hop a plane on Thursday evening for Vancouver, B.C.! So if you need us we will be in Canada until August 1st when we head back to N.C.! Not to worry the blog will be updated regularly! Pray that we will have safe travels and that our brains don't explode from all the information that we will be putting inside of them. "TO DO" Tuesday is going to focus on the classes that we are taking so check back tomorrow for more on the "Why's" of our trip to Canada.

July 8th and beyond!
July 8th-Leave for Equip Canada Training
July 31st-Return from Canada to NC
August-Hoover Beach Trip, hanging with family! COMPLETE SUPPORT RAISING!
September- Leave for Liberia!

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