Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Update

We're back in school! Medical school that is...sort of. We began our Medical Missionary Intensive (MMI) yesterday evening. The information is like drinking from a fire hydrant! However, before we started the course we had a couple of days to check out Vancouver and make our way over to Vancouver Island. The ferry trip over was gorgeous and Victoria is a jewel of a city. Let's just say that in such an international city we were able to witness some true World Cup celebration from authentic Spaniards! We promise pictures ASAP! We are finally on a more structured schedule and will have more time to post in the coming days (despite the massive amounts of class and homework!). Rest assured friends and family, we are doing just fine! That's for you, mom and grandmoms!

Keep praying that we will be able to retain the info. we are learning and continue to enjoy this time of semi-relaxation and enjoying each other! More details to come!

July 11-22: MMI course
July 22-25: Hangin' in beautiful Victoria, B.C. and meeting the Waines' family
July 30: Head back to Vancouver, B.C.
August 1: Journey back down South (as they say here in Canada!)

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