Monday, January 31, 2011

Officially Monday

Officially at the 3 month mark.

Officially “some” rain has returned (not full on rainy season just the occasional rain to knock the dust off)

Officially seeing a little bit of a slow down from the crazy pace of a couple of weeks ago. A little bit of a slow down…

Officially almost through with Season 2 of House…We officially love Chinese bootleg DVDs.

Officially 30,000+ refugees in Nimba County according to UNHCR.

Last week was busy, but we ended the week with our monthly staff meeting. That is when almost all of the EQUIP Liberia staff come to Ganta for a 3 day meeting of the minds. We talk about the previous month and usually laugh a good bit. It’s a strange/funny/interesting/unpredictable time. It’s meeting in which someone’s chair being taken can result in a 2 hr. long side meeting about chair etiquette. If you ever doubted Liberian’s ability to argue and discuss completely banal things well, just come over for a staff meeting. All I can say is “WOW!”  We eat Liberian food for lunch- rice and greens, pumpkin soup…It’s pretty good. It’s 3 days of surprise every time! I would have taken pictures, but my camera batteries died. Sorry-o

We’re going to go out into the field some this week- hopefully! We’ve had a lot of issues with our vehicles, meaning…

 Too much work + Not enough vehicles = Difficulty in getting stuff done!

Although, word on the street is that there is a new truck in Monrovia! WAHOO!

I’m keeping the Monday update short this week…officially short…

God is officially good. Liberia is officially hot. We are officially blessed.

Weekly Prayer Needs:

Pray for our sanity.

Pray for continued good health.

Pray for our use of time and resources.

Pray for our marriage to grow and be a light to all around us.


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