Friday, January 14, 2011

Movin’ Out! (Another Billy Joel Reference)

We’ve moved. Yes, one whole door down. Still in the same compound. Still with the same neighbors…still under the provision of Sister Augusta and the other miscellaneous, sweet as they can be nuns…just one door down from the old place. They tell us “Auntie Betty is coming” (said in my best Italian nun voice) and we’ve been livin’ in Auntie Betty’s place.

I would share our change of address, but as we’ve already discussed mail doesn’t come here. I’ll post pictures later, but I have to say after all my whining and belly aching about having to move I think we will like this place better than our old in the long term. It’s spacious, has two bathrooms, and extra beds that we’ve made into our lounging area. Fancy pants!

Last night we spent our first night in the new digs. We had black beans and rocked out to the Black Crowes. All in all a good homecoming.

Pictures to come!

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