Thursday, January 6, 2011

Liberian English

Hey Ya’ll

I’m opening with a little Southern English for ya because we’ve got a confession to make. We sound like the biggest weirdos and we can’t make it stop. Most of you have gathered by now that among the cultural adjustments we’ve had to make one thing we have not had to do is learn a new language…well…sort of…

You see we were told over and over again before coming here that Liberians speak English, save some random tribal languages and and the occasional visitor (ok, we didn’t count on refugees) from the Ivory Coast or Guinea that speak French. The truth is , yes, Liberian’s speak English. The slight lie behind that is that they run all their words together and add “Oh” to the end of EVERYTHING. Everyone said, “Give it six weeks and you’ll understand Liberian English!” We gave it six weeks and we can now say that not only do we understand Liberian English we have had almost mastered the art of speaking it and we sound ridiculous.

Kyle can’t turn it off.

I can turn it off…sometimes…

So head’s up on when we return home. We sound ridiculous, but the truth is…you’ll love it!


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~Kyle and Jessica Hoover

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