Monday, January 3, 2011

First Post of the Year!

2011 is here...for a whole year.

We welcomed the New Year in by calling family and friends to taunt them about living in the past. After all there aren't that many perks when you live in Liberia. Hitting the New Year 5 hours before our friends and family qualifies as one in this perk-less place.

Kyle was pretty well worn out by New Year's Eve so we laid low (as if there was anything else to do) and have spent more time around our little house than we did in the whole previous two months combined! We learned that indeed we will have to move into the space next door in the coming weeks...bummer...but all in God's plan and good timing. It will be an adjustment as the next door space is not equipped with a real kitchen, but we will make do.

Today everyone returns to work at EQUIP Liberia. Our colleagues that went home for the holiday should be making their way back to Liberian shores and boy are we glad! There is a lot of work ahead between refugees and regular EQUIP work, but that is what we came here to do so we are happy to be back to a regular schedule.

I'm gonna leave it at that for this week...I've got the whole year to ramble on about our Liberian adventures. Next week, once my new computer is here, I think I might just catch everyone up via pictures. I'm still yet to post holiday pictures...sorry...I'm a bad person. Pray for me...

No, really pray for me/us...

Weekly Prayer Needs:

Pray for the work ahead! Between refugees and regular work we are going to be scrambling!

Pray for peace in Ivory Coast- The situation continues to deteriorate.

Pray for our safety and protection as we travel.

Pray that our health would be protected. Liberia is not super conducive to good health.

Pray that ministry opportunities would continue to grow and be revealed to us in our daily work. Pray that we would be bold to take advantage of those opportunities.

Pray for our relationships with those we work with and live with. (we share a compound with six other people.)

Pray for us as we move into our new little "home".

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