Monday, January 17, 2011

Special Reminder: It’s Monday

In case you had forgotten. Yes, that drowsy feeling and the lack of energy or desire to work signifies that it is indeed a Monday. Yes, having a “Case of the Mondays” is a worldwide epidemic.

On to other business. We are all moved out of our 1st Ganta home and into our 2nd, more spacious, less outfitted, but still livable Ganta home.

As promised here are some pictures:


Our daybed lounging area. Complete with mosquito net.


Make shift kitchen. Unfortunately this place doesn’t have a built in kitchen. We’re making do. So far we’ve had black beans (a Hoover staple), Burger night (with the last of the ground beef from Monrovia), and the infamous flat bread pizzas.


Our kitchen table/multi-purpose workspace. Note the lappa with hens and baby chicks.


Bathroom, we are proud to say that the toilet seats in this place are actually attached to the toilet. Major improvement!


We hung a little art. Our friend Jerry is running for office in his district. He’s already the unofficial mayor so I think this is a step in the right direction for him. He will be what Barack Obama never could be, except in Liberia. In case you can’t read the sign says,

 “G. Jerry S. Tompoe,

The Vision for the People,

The Leader for the People’s Heart!”

We know Jerry. We are inclined to say this is true. By the way one of Jerry’s twin daughters is my name sake. Yes, he informed me of this last time I saw him.

Sorry about the lack of pictures of the bedroom. The space is great, but I couldn’t get in shots to do it justice, but believe me it is more than adequate.

What about last week? Did we do anything other than move?

Our colleagues got back which was a relief and a welcome change. Patti’s bags finally made it which meant a small package from home! Thanks Mom for sending along a card, skirts, a movie and lots uh love.

Refugees are still here. They probably aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Please continue to pray for us as we work to provide assistance to Ivorians and Liberian’s in need. I plan to do an update on the work and situation very soon, like later this week, so watch for it.

I wish I could show you how hard Kyle’s team of men are working to respond to the refugees as well as all of the normal work they would be doing. His WATSAN guys are some of the hardest workers we’ve met here in Liberia. Kyle really desires to build their knowledge and capacity to care for the needs of their own people.

We’ve also been “working” with some of the young leprosy/TB fellas. We are praying about how to provide financial planning training/discipleship/practical skills with them. It isn’t easy because there are a lot of negative cultural beliefs and practices that permeate the way these guys behave and respond to the “white man”. Pray that we would be firm and sensitive to the needs of these young men.

We have a new doctor, a Mr. Chris Carpenter,  coming to work with EQUIP. He arrived in Monrovia Sunday evening. He’s making his Ganta debut sometime in the next couple of weeks! His sole role will be to address refugee health needs. WAHOO! We are so happy to have him coming. Read his blog, Backpacks and Stethoscopes, to find out more about what he will be up against in the coming weeks!

The week stretches out before us and if we’ve learned anything we have learned that Liberia is full of surprises. Almost three months in we know that for sure!

Weekly Prayer Needs:

Pray for us as we work long days and have short nights!

Pray for us as we actively try to disciple and teach God’s Word through our words and actions to those around us.

Pray for our attitudes to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

Pray that our marriage would be growing and healthy despite exhaustion and little time for one another.

Pray that we would be steadfast in our personal walk with Christ.


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