Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wiped Out

So we're watching Wipeout on our last night in High Point, NC (at least until the end of October). Kyle and I have decided that we will eventually be trying out for Wipeout. Wouldn't we be great? Personality, blind stupidity, enthusiasm...we've got it! We could really use 50 grand...then again who couldn't?

On another note... I'd like to take this moment to commit to providing everyone with a few more pictures on this blog. So there you go-our commitment to provide you with more play by play of this journey from here to there- otherwise known as Liberia. It will be wonderful to have pictures of the real thing in less than two months. We'll be back next week with a Wordless Wednesday post.

In the meantime- read her blog and pray for our friend Melanie who just returned to Thailand for four years. God's given her such a beautiful heart for Thai people and we just know that God is going to do mighty things through her obedience.

Later folks, we're headed for Andrews...

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