Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Update

Happy Labor Day! We're celebrating by not doing a whole heck of a lot. We're working on getting all of our belongings in order because we will only be back around High Point for a couple of days before we cross the Atlantic. We're heading to Andrews, NC on Wednesday making a stop in the AVL to do a few errands.

Yesterday, we were able to go down to Charlotte for a few hours to see all of the Charlotte Hoovers. Good times at the China Buffet!

This weeks prayer need: Pray that we would have an easy time taking care of all of the details. Packing, purchasing, gathering, planning, get the picture!

We're gonna have a great time at SWO and will take pictures so that this blog once again becomes a bit more interactive!

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  1. great time at the buffet, especially seeing the lady with the ROSS tag still on her clothes, wonder if she took it back today???/haha


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