Friday, September 17, 2010

It's About Time

It's been some time since I (Kyle) have had an opportunity to write for our blog. Jessica does an amazing job putting both her own thoughts as well as ours together for all of you following our move to Liberia. I am so very thankful for her and her heart. Without her - this blog wouldn't exist...and some say neither would I!

For the past few months....(let's be honest) for the past ten years or so I have struggled with Luke 14:25-34. For you skimmers, it is the passage where Christ outlines what it costs to be a true disciple. I first read this passage in conjunction with Dietrich Bonhoeffer's The Cost of Discipleship right before I went to work at Snowbird for my first summer. What a kick in the teeth!

What is it that He (Jesus) is after? Do we have to literally hate our families, spouses, any and everything on this earth? Do we each have to sell everything and live in abject poverty? No - HE goes beyond those things we see as so important and dear. He commands us to give up our most valued possession: ourselves.

What a risk - but oh, what joy! Please, do not envy nor pity us for what we do or do not have. We trivialize the blood of Christ when we think sacrifice is going without our well worn creature comforts. Pray for us that we continue to die daily to our ourselves and come to life more in Christ Jesus.

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