Friday, September 3, 2010

Sickness, SWO and Suitcases

Life is a little low key for the Hoovers right now. We aren't just makes for boring blogging. I've (Jessica) been a bit under the weather this week. Not so fun, but on the brightside I've been taking doxycycline...which just happens to be our choice of meds for malaria prophylaxis. No, I don't have malaria. Don't ask. Kyle has been doing everything possible to keep himself busy, but we are slowly running out of things to do and we still have the month of September before we head to Equip for the water technology classes. So we've decided to go to Snowbird...don't know what a Snowbird is (among other things it is the ministry where we met and got married)? Check the links...then round up your church's youth group and make plans to bring em' on up!

So after the Labor Day holiday has passed us by we will head up to Andrews, NC.

As for right now we are trying to gather suitcases and narrow down what is going to Liberia from what is...well...not...One word on my behalf- LINEN. Nope, it's not just for elderly ladies that are in to gardening. I'm growing my very on collection. Thankfully Kyle's parents have tolerated our small scale takeover of their house in recent weeks.

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