Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Update

We enjoyed a relaxing weekend in Andrews. We've dug up all our old haunts, i.e; Monte Alban, Decker's flea market, the Murphy Wal-Mart, the Burger Basket, and the Andrew's cemetery. Don't ask about that last one- date spots are hard to find in Andrews, we had to make do with what we had. We're looking forward to the rest of our time here. Pray for the OLD School semester course that is beginning this week. Check the link if you just said to yourself, "huh?"

Kyle is busily doing math trying to decipher how to use his solar panel (a small one-not a ginormous one that you mount to the top of your house) to charge a 12v battery so that we can have a little light in Liberia. Did I marry the right guy or what?

So that is about it for this Monday morning. We are continuing to make plans for Liberia and tie up loose ends. It just seems like so much of what we have to do can't be done until the last minute. Anyways, we're in Andrews visiting our SWO family if you need us. We'll head out at the end of the month to Marion, NC. As usual we ask for your prayers.

This weeks prayer need: Pray that our marriage would be encouraged and strengthened in every aspect during this time of preparation. Pray that we would be like-minded and love and serve each other with pure hearts.



    WOW! You are busy. I understand you will go to Liberia in about two months. What denomination do you represent?
    I have placed you on my Blogger Reader to follow this Blog. You sound so excited. What a mission!


  2. So glad you are having fun at SWO! Love you!


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