Monday, March 22, 2010

A Stitch In Time...

Another weekend of travel! We made a quick trip to see Ma and Pa Hoover this weekend (otherwise known as Mimi and Poppi) and since we were the only children in town we got the pick of the bedrooms and the refrigerator. Kyle also got to show off his hula dancing skills at his home church's Chili Cook-Off. Although I (Jessica) have to say that he has nothing on his dad. I will not disturb your peace of mind with pictures. See what you miss when you don't come home other Hoover chillins?

It was such a joy this past weekend to get to share the details of our journey with folks from Kyle's home church back in High Point. I got to share with the ladies that are a part of the church knitting ministry (nicknamed the "Knit Wits" by one of the member's husbands, much to the chagrin of some of the other members!). These ladies knit prayer shawls for anyone that is suffering from an illness or loss of a loved one. These shawls can be used for warmth as well as a comforting reminder of being prayed for by others. I think this is such a Godly example of how we all should be using our gifts and talents to be a blessing to others! Kyle and I are hoping that they will knit some light weight shawls that we can take along with us to Liberia.

I shared with them about our heart for missions and the exciting work that the Lord has set before us. Many of these ladies received our letter a few weeks ago and said it was good to get to hear about our passion and excitement for this calling in person. It really blessed my heart to get to share with them and I think it was a blessing to them!

We are also excited because we were asked to fill in for the pastor at Kyle's home church on May 2nd. We will get to share with the entire congregation! Please be praying for us as we prepare for this upcoming opportunity! All in all it was a great weekend other than the expected case of the Mondays that Kyle and I both awoke with this morning. Nevertheless we continue on! Only 23 weeks until we hope to set sail (not literally, we do plan to fly) for Liberia!

Peace folks or Aloha for any Conrad folks that might be reading this,

Jessica (and Kyle)

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